Hotel’s staff we trained together until we graduated in contemporary dance at the Institut del Teatre in 2005. From then on we have been able to share many artistic experiences, work, teachers and other colleagues who have helped us grow professionally over the course of 13 years. Sometimes we have crossed paths, others have followed the others’s at a distance. With this background, now we want to transform ourselves into the staff of a hotel without walls or ceiling where we want to host creators of different scenic disciplines.

Hotel opens its doors with its first guests: Marie Gyselbrecht, a faithful collaborator of the Belgian company Peeping Tom, and Quim Bigas, artist who works within the fields of choreography, performance arts, information and education.

Hotel Scenic Collective is born with the wish to build crossroads which will allows us to inhabit other artists’ worlds and imaginaries.


Some highlits from loss to libertation.
A place filled by women.
As visitors, driven to that space, occupaying it, being stuck and being caught.
As an observer, forced and guided to serve.
Waking up in this unkown place.
A process of mourning.

Direction: Marie Gyselbrecht
Creation and performance: Inma Asensio, Laia Duran, Roberto Gómez, Anna Hierro, Èlia López, Lorena Nogal and Marie Gyselbrecht*
*Marie Gyselbrecht will replace Inma Asension due to her pregnancy
Sound creation: Raphaëlle Latini
Lighting: Guillem Gelabert, Victor Cuenca
Dramaturgy accompaniment: Jordi Oriol
External looking: Clàudia Brufau, Gabriela Carrizo, Frank Chartier and Riikka Laakso


What would happen if we could incorporate the directions that surround us? Directions understood as explicit effects on the path in which we find our body. There is a myriad of effects that address us endlessly and they lay out new challenges within the path and momentum in which we find ourselves. How do we understand the directions that we have to take? Are they our decisions of our making or the most perverse form of contamination and control? How can we recognize them?

Proposal: Quim Bigas
Interpretation: Laia Duran, Roberto Gómez, Anna Hierro, Èlia López and Lorena Nogal

In collaboration with: Luca Aimi, Noemí Elías, Guim Espelt, Hervé Guerrisi and Alejo Levis
With the support of: NunArt, Centre Cívic de la Barceloneta, Estruch Fàbrica de Creació, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and Sala Hiroshima
Thanks to: Hotel America (Igualada) and Chic & Basic Hotel (Barcelona)


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