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Gold Dust Rush will take us on a visual and aural journey revolving around the concept of delirium, understood as a cathartic state that is simultaneously liberating and destructive, source of light and creativity. Through the geometry and repetition, the body flees towards dislocated images inspired by the common religious world, elevating it beyond the rational behaviour of the terrestrial reality. Thus, like stars that die between the blinking of eyes, we enter a place of extreme perdition where the complexity of the connections increase, creating an irrational universe, a state that we can all share and that is necessary to feed the mind.

In 2015 Eulalia Bergadà created her own company after her own name to undertake different projects. It is a company where the performers and collaborators are chosen based on the necessities of the project. In addition, one very important element which characterise her works is her joint creations with live music. Because of that, since three years ago, she has created a tandem with the violinist Aloma Ruiz.

Eulàlia entered the world of choreography via her training as a dancer and performer. She considers the performer to be an expressive channel between the choreographer and the spectator; this requires creative involvement and a capacity for transformation at an autonomous level. The body frees itself to the images of the brain, while the mind and the imagination delimit their rules to transform the infinite mechanisms of the body and choreograph new forms specific to each work. So, alongside her work as a dancer, Eulàlia has always been experiencing her personal universe through the body and through dance, but she did not present any large-scale pieces until she pursued a degree in choreography at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

Eulàlia has choreographed her own pieces in order develop her own choreographic language. She has created pieces such as Verba Volant… for the Ballet Jove Mallorca, in a co-production with the Teatro Principal de Palma (Majorca-2013), and Le Sacre 4×4, a co-creation with Sabina Pérez and Elena Lalucat along with musicians from the Conservatori de Música de Terrassa (Barcelona) to commemorate the centenary of The Rite of Spring (2013). Along with the violinist Aloma Ruiz she created a laboratory of music and dance with the piece La Cochonnerie (escorxant creacions), which was premièred in SoloAra, La Pedrera Barcelona (2013). Eulàlia started to develop her own language somewhere between the body of sound and the body of dance, giving rise to three more pieces: Flying Pigs, which premièred in the Graner and the Convent de los Ángeles in the MACBA (Barcelona 2015), and in the Institut del Teatre de Vic; The Sinners (2016); and Gold Dust Rush, which won the award “Premis Institut del Teatre” and will be put on in the Festival Grec 2016 (Barcelona) with the support of Teatre Principal de Palma. Eulàlia also directed the play Bienaventurats, which won Second Prize in the Premis Bòtil 2010 (Mallorca).

Direction and Choreography: Eulàlia Bergadà
Musical Composition: Aloma Ruiz y Eulàlia Bergadà
Performers: Eulàlia Bergadà, Marina Fullana, Roberto Gómez, Raquel Klein, Aloma Ruiz
Lighting: Rafel Febrer
Costumes: Joana Martí
Video design and Photography: Edu Pérez
Asesora de coreografía: Lipi Hernández
Dramaturgical Advisor: Roberto Fratini
Executive Producer: Anna Bohigas

Winner in “Premi Institut del Teatre” 2015. A coproduction with Teatre Principal de Palma de Mallorca, Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, Grec 2016 Festival de Barcelona and Morlanda Creacions SL, collaboration with Mercat de les Flors, Fundació SGAE, Institut Ramon Llull, El Graner Centre de Creació and La Poderosa.


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