We come into our special world. As we look for our own balance, we create our space in a dwelling entropy, connected by a rope we dance, playing and facing our own limits, Drawing on the Symphony of our relationship, in four moments; each one with its own time, structure and feeling. Two bodies in symbiosis attracted and repelled, where pragmatic and ethereal mood touch each other, allowing both the imagination and emotion, to emerge.
The ambiance around us is of an intimate nature, able to touch subtly or explode into a spectacular moment.

IMAGA was born in 2012 thanks to Melissa Scioscia e Ingrid Esperanza’s motivation. The focus of our work is searching for new ways and possibilities in the ancient Circus Technique “Hair Hanging” , through the body movement. Seeking for a personal scenic language, we decided to go deep into our research as a Dúo (rigger & hanger) .The first year working together , we created a short act , 8 minutes long, which has been performed between 2012–2014 in several Festivals and spaces : “Festival Deltebre Dansa”(Catalonia), “Fun Fatale festival”(Prague), “Festival de Circo du Brasil”(Brasil),  “Festival di Artisti di Strada”(Italy),“Mercat de les Flors” (Barcelona- Spain), among others. Our research keeps on and invite us to create a piece of 45 minutes, at the present in progress, melting our creativity in a symbiosis between hair hanging, movement and scenic poetry

Creatives+ performers: Ingrid Esperanza & Melisa Scioscia

Sound design & live music: Jan Benz

External eyes: Celso Pereira & Pau Portabella

Choreographic complicity: Teresa Valenzuela

Light design: Melissa Scioscia

Duration: 40 minutes

Support of: L’Estruch Fábrica de Creació de les Arts en viu i El Centre Cultural Terrassa.

Imaga awared Zirkolika’s Best Emerging Company in 2015.

CCterrassa   Estruch   Zirkiloka



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts.

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