12th, 13th & 14th June, 2015. 11:00h – 14:00h.

“It comes to my mind something that Isabel Blancafort, daughter of Catalan composer Jordi Blancafort, told me years ago . One of them, when they were children, confessed to her sister: “the music of daddy, do not believe it: he invents it”

Ana Maria Matute’ speech during the reception of Miguel de Cervantes Prize 2010.

On the practice of creating lies and sharing them.
During the workshop some devices that show the falsity of the stage will be built in order to create different speeches as week as to approach the spectator from other perspectives.

96 Collective aims to avoid a line of work. The purpose that has led them so far to create the pieces have in common that they question: Why is the representation? What is fiction? And do I do in all this? That’s why they try to build identities in that margin of confusion between reality and fiction, thus questioning the own construction / deconstruction of some “I” non-existent that are represented in both the stage and in life real.


Workshop fee: 120€.

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