Until 20 years ago, loving kisses, that is to say, kissing on the mouth, in a theater always were pretended. There were three main schemes to conceal the pretense of a kiss:
A / The beau leans over the lady, turns her head slightly so that he hides the kiss to the “respectable” and then he kisses the actress on the chin or upper lip. B / The actor, full of frenzy, caresses the lady with both hands, put both on her cheeks. At the time of the kiss, the lover slides his thumb over the mouth of the lady and so, the kiss occurs in the big toe. C / The actor nods and holds with his hands the head of the lady and he kisses her between the cheek and mouth, space not seen since the hand of the beau impedes visibility.

96th Collective aims to avoid finding a line of work. Their purpose has been to create pieces that try to answer to common questions: what is representation ? what is fiction ?, what do I do in all this? That is why we play to build identities in that margin of confusion between reality and fiction, to question thus the actual construction / deconstruction of a nonexistent “me” and that are a representation both on stage and in real life.

Performers: David Franch y Lidia Zoilo González

Photo-collage: Macarena recuerda
Choreography: Mónica Muntaner
Lights: Gorka Bilbao
Direction assistant: Yuri Fontes

Duration: 60 minuts




The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts.

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