Espai Erre and Hiroshima proposing Fenomens,  a cycle with differents hybrid creations whose main subject is body and its intersection with other disciplines: movement, technology, music, performance, image and dance. A ‘phenomenon’ is an experience, the first contact we have of things, and Fenòmens cycle presents a selection of works by national and international artists that leave the body as a tool to develop their proposals, offering to the audience a living experience.

After  Monster premiered by K. Danse CIA in October, Espai Erre and Hiroshima propose a weekend dedicated to the performance and aesthetic experience from a scenic perspective.

The artistic platform AADK Spain – Abraham Hurtado brings their vision and experience curating a selection of performances, videos and live installations. The proposals to be submitted together with various artists and will emphasize the status of an observed body, a body in motion, questioned, staged and redefined.

The proposals are: Idiots by Björn Säfsten (Sweden), Poderío Vital (Catalonia), Mining by Rodrigo Sobarzo Larraechea (Chile / Netherlands) Somewhat Paler by Barbara Sanchez (Spain) and Welcome To Europe and Violencía Interior by Abraham Hurtado (Spain ).


Duration: 120 minutes


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