Polinèsia is the new project of the poet  Gerard Vilardaga and musician Primo Gabbiano. Polinèsia is a porous area, a common ground where electronics, improvisation, performance, rock and poetry are blended to go on stage in a forceful and direct always different: as a real experience. Polynesia is an archipelago of new scenic relations.

Antonio Clavijo Victori (a.k.a. Primo Gabbiano)

As Primo Gabbiano explores the most experimental side of music and video. 11 years presents and directs the radio’s bike Sasha, focusing on contemporary art forms around experimental music. He has also collaborated with different art centers (Centro de Arte La Panera and cacis), he has made a dozen of short films and their exposure videodance ‘Quadrille’ won in 2012 the first prize of the Bureau of Visual Arts in Manresa and he is exposing Catalonia.

Gerard Vilardaga Cunill

If the poems are always to be heard, those of Gerard Vilardaga are even more so. They are also to be seen. The way to go on stage with recycled wedding dresses, hypnotic cadence and rhythm of his narrative, all recalls the old shows before modernity. It has been defined as “transvestite bard”. The world comes out in his poems are tender but eerie, sexual and sensual; black bile is present, but also the tourists disoriented, wild consumerism and store in the world Barcelona, ​​memories of childhood and family.

Fabio Fabio Orsi

Orsi is a specialist in Atmospheric Drones. His work has been received with great enthusiasm by the critics. In his works, folk tradition come face to face with the musical avant-garde creating an original and interesting mix. .Orsi Creates pieces of crystal beauty and music sounds like a cry of rebellion, as the most effective form of expression. Fabio Orsi is today one of the most promising and representative artists of all Italian and international electronic scene.



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts

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