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60 min.


In Even Worse Guilherme Miotto works with three outstanding urban dancers from Holland. Together with them he composes a choreography that makes them shine. The piece preserves the essence of urban movement through an intelligent formal reinterpretation, presenting small solos and group sequences in which the male body plays an important role. Resistance, strength and the constant search for balance and heroic figures are recurrent throughout the performance. The disciplines of hip hop and breakdance are the starting point, the substance for the artist to create an absolutely personal and coherent dance vocabulary. With these materials and with the virtuosity and interpretative precision of the dancers, Miotto manages to project an image of the contemporary body in perpetual tension and contradiction with its own representation. This is a choreographer of great interest that, thanks to the collaboration with the HOP Festival, Hiroshima will present in Spain for the first time.

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«Even Worse is a feast for the eyes. It is a rare thing in contemporary dance to see such variation in a movement vocabulary that is so indebted to hiphop and brakdance» — Mirjam Van der Linden, Recensie

Artistic card

Choreography: Guilherme Miotto
Performers: Shane Boers, Simon Bus & Evangelos Biskas
Sound: Joel Ryan
Set and lighting design: Erik van de Wijdeven
Costumes: Guilherme Miotto
Dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek
Production: Corpo Máquina
Financial support: Breda municipality, Per- forming Arts Fund, DansBrabant & Podium Bloos

HOP Festival

Even Worse