Emerged from an artist residency, Andrés García (electric and acoustic guitar, homeswinger, bass), Carlos Martorell (laptop, sampler, percussion and vocals) and Anna Hierro (movements + sensors, guitar and vocals) form a force of nature multiplied by three is called Ensemble Topogràfic.

The 28th june June will show in Hiroshima their eponymous debut album with a cover work of Arnau Pi, is a co-editor and Fog Cydonia Records, recorded during the month of November 2014 in Nautilus Studios Lluís Cots (Mourn, Delafé and The Blue Flower, The New Raemon) and mastered by Pedro Pina Substance Laboratories. That work consists in two large parts: Fog and sediment, songs that distill the best approach to post-rock without complexes bands like Seven Fire To Flames or A Silver Mt. Zion, to the melodies of electronic experimentation and musik kosmiche brain and turbulent bands like Sonic Youth and Savage Republic crescendos.

A whole sound element must be added experimentation on the movement of Anna Hierro (LaVeronal, Gelabert Azzopardi) that can be enjoyed only when the machine works Topographic Ensemble live.



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts

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