EMPTY BODY is a contemporary choreographic practice where Dance, Theatre, Performance & Poetry come together. The method is profoundly inspired by Persian poetry and is initiated by Mehdi Farajpour (choreographer of ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company). The main challenge for practicers of EMPTY BODY workshops is how to reach the state of Emptiness in the mind as well as in the body. The same goal as for Hindus: SAMADHI (समाधि), or for Dervishes: FANA (فقر و فنا) & for Buddhists: NIRVANA (निर्वाण).

Empty body is the most proper form of body for dancers as well as for performers. An empty body is the purest form of being which does not carry any character nor any characteristics. So, an Empty body can easily represent any elements in the world. It can remain stood up as a tree for years, or stay motionless as a stone for ages, it can breath as the air and wave as the wind. To avoid any fake and naive image from the method, this all needs a deep understanding from spirituality, poetry, Meditation and Sufism. The workshop Meditative dance is trying to give a basic taste of all this to its audience.


Conceptual performance Artist.
Artistic Director/Choreographer en Oriantheatre Dance Company


The tickets can be purchased in the box office of the theatre. They will be at a reduced price of 6€