El Banquet, a scenic inclusion. The body continues to react to the ancient learning that reminds you that a group staring at him, he wants to be evil. The look can be aggressive approach privacy and excessive subtlety, resulting suspicion of aggression, distrust or cannibalism.
El Banquet proposed relearn this association of ideas. Through the acceptance of difference, we suggest a trip with various belongings and group situations that we face a wide range of possibilities, emotions and realities.

El Banquet showns tendencies, nurtured and celebrated patterns and becomes a great experience of integrating change.

Direction and concept: Laura Vilar i Miquel Barcelona
Miquel Barcelona, Santi Carcasona, Gisela Creus, Clara Llobet, Quim Vilagran, Laia Santanach y LauraVilar + 2 special guest performers to be confirmed

Duration: 60 minutes


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