A dancing show based on the J.L. Lagarce homonymic story.

A man wakes up. Bit by bit he returns to the conscience. He feels that it is there and that today it begins life.

Find oneself from a distant memory, fight to rediscover what had been converted into simple custom, leave what does not serve, take advantage of what we know and create something new.
To learn, unlearn, relearn, in order to reach to be men more free and happier.

This project is born from an encounter of three artists Juan Carlos Lérida, Roberto Romei and Sila (Jordi Collet), three techniques, three different sensitivities that, after two year of contact and exchanges, have felt the desire and the requirement of pooling their experience to find convergent paths where discover a fresh point of view on dance theater and flamenco.
Creating an opportunity to explain a story without doing so through the expressiveness of the movement and the landscapes of the sound space.

Direction: Roberto Romei
Choreography + performance: Juan Carlos Lérida
Live music: Sila
Set designer: Roger Orra
Light designer: Marc Lleixa
Video + Photography: Juanjo Marín Pérez

Translation: Cristina Genebat
Produciion: Danilo Pioli (Dancebox.es)

Suported by: CoNCA, Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Artes de Catalunya, El Graner, Mercat de Les Flors (Barcelona), En Danza (Sevilla), L’Estruch (Sabadell), Institut Ramón Llull.

Premiered at Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona) in May 2012



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