– Vortex is a live film, but a “handmade cinema”.
– Really? And what will the movie?
– It is a musical comedy sci-fi thriller with touches of horror and romantic karaoke action and martial arts in regional dress in wich the girl fights against evil.
– Ah.

Cris Blanco makes her own pieces since 2003 and work with others in performing arts, music and cinema. the mixing of theatrical genres, low tech, obvious tricks and dramatic convention all are related to her work.
She is a member of the music bands The Elements and CALOR.

A Project of Cris Blanco

Artistic and technical assistance: Anto Rodriguez and Oscar Bueno

Music + Making vídeos: Cris Blanco and Oscar Bueno

Lighting: Jorge Dutor and Ignasi Solé

Props + costumes: Anto Rodríguez, Oscar Bueno with collaboration of Jorge Dutor and Elena Nogueira

Poster design: Roger Adam and Momo Hagerman

A production of Cris Blanco and ANTES.

Coproduces: Fuga.es, TNT-Terrassa Noves Tendències escèniques/CAET, Mercat de les Flors/El Graner, La Casa Encendida and BUDA Arts Center, Kortijk.

Thanks to: Rubén Ramos, Jorge Dutor, Javi Álvarez, Aimar Pérez Galí, Cube.bz, El Conde de Torrefiel, Itxaso Corral, Miguel Magdalena, Benoit Pabis,Teo Baró, David Espinosa, Quim Bigas, Roger Adam, Oriol Ibañez, María Vera, ANTES people, Espai NyamNyam, Elena Carmona, Cristina Alonso, Gemma Ramos and all who have supported me throughout the process.

Very special thanks to Sergi Faustino

Duration: 60 minutes

Support: Resident artists of CA2M and La Casa Encendida, Hangar.org, Apuntes en sucio de Teatro Pradillo and Espacio práctico.


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