Dorian Wood has appeared in Barcelona before, playing at a small venue, the Heliogàbal club, where he presented tracks from his best-known album, Rattle Rattle. On that occasion (2014), the room was packed with fans familiar with his records and aware that they were witnessing the birth of a musical phenomenon fusing folk, soul and experimental sounds. That is what we find in the work of an artist who some consider a kind of preacher using cutting-edge musical resources to deliver his message. His songs, his sound, are so ferocious that they could only be performed by an artist who began to demonstrate his vocal and musical ability at conservatories and on the gay club circuit of Los Angeles. Since then, however, Dorian Wood has played major venues in America, Mexico and all over Europe. His music, emotional to the point of aggression, cannot fail to move the listener, particularly as his lyrics make no attempt to disguise his anger and disgust at a world that does not accept difference and never passes up the chance to marginalise anyone who does not share the standard values. A regular collaborator with visual artists, Wood is known especially for his work with Marina Abramovic, one of the most experienced and best-known performers in the world, at the presentation of her piece An Artist’s Life Manifesto.

Music interpretation: Dorian Wood

Executive production: No Sonores & Born Music

Duration: 60 min aprox


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