Like the Pinball amusement machine where the ball goes from side to side, up and down and at very high speed, Domando a Pinball travels in the same way trying to tame the will to scape from situations and limtis.

Wishes, Pulses and Gains to expand oneself can show up strongly and become a real problem for someone who has been tamed for long time.

Hiding wishes is something that makes us more human, fragile and vulnerable but at the same time give us force to face those wishes ,we need that little bit of pulse, risk…like jumping to the void, just at least to try and not to go down and be tamed.

“The impulse progresses to a will, the simple wanting to desire, the desire to an uncontrollable longing.”

“There is no passion in nature as demi- tively impatient as that of the one shivering on the edge of the precipice, consider the idea of the fall, or the one who meditates on the question:” Am I ill? ”
Edgar Allan Poe.

Teresa Navarete s company is formed by music / composer Miguel Marin and Dancer / Choreographer Teresa Navarrete. The pair has been working together for more than a decade and have created seven dance pieces ( Lost and Safe, Fragile, Three Landscapes, Otra manera de encontrarse, Salon Otto, Welcome to the Montgomery Experience, Domando a Pinball ) All seven works has live music and the way the company approach to create a new piece is always having in mind live music and the interaction of the musician.
The company uses different art lenguages such as text, videoart, movement, music,etc…lights and space is very important in every piece having strong influence for images from the films of David Lynch or paintings by Edward Hopper. Navarrete and Marin also find inspiration on writers such as John Berger, Haruki Murakami and many others.
There have been some collaborations from other artist, Nando Perez and Maria Cabeza de Vaca have been involved either on stage or at the creative process.
Some of the pieces by Company Teresa Navarrette have been awarded with the Premios PAD de la Danza en Andalucía, given by the Asociación de los Profesionales de la Danza de Andalucía.
Best sound and music compositions “Fragile”. PAD 2010
Best sound and music compositions, best dance piece, best female dancer and best light design for “Otra manera de encontrarse PAD 2011.
Best sound and music compositions, best dance piece, best choreography, best direction and best light design for “Salón Otto”: PAD 2014
“Welcome to The Montgomery Experience”,PAD 2016 Best sound and music compositions, best dance piece and best light design.

The company also works the side of workshops involving the way they approach to the work within imsges, texts, music and musician and dancer can interact on stage.
Teresa Navarrete teaches at the Superior Conservatoire of Seville on contemporary dance.
Marin has done some electronic music composition for soundtracks/dance score teaching at several places in Barcelona, Castellon and Manchester, UK..

Created and performed by: Miguel Marín, Teresa Navarrete.
Director and movement assistant by: María M. Cabeza de Vaca.
Live Music by: Miguel Marín
Light design: Benito Jiménez


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