De Uróboros y quimeras is a performing conference  that explores the influence that have the social networks in the building of the subject. Focused on the relations of power and in the proposal of community that proposes the Internet 2.0. Juan David in live reproduces and superimposes different videos that has appropriate of youtube accompanied of a speech. De Uróboros y quimeras based on two mythological symbols: the Uroboros, the figure of a snake that devour his own tail forming one circulate that it symbolizes the eternal return of the things and the eternal fight, or, the useless effort. The chimaera, a baby hibrid that symbolizes the building of the own wrong like a social projection. In another sense, chimaera also designates a dream or illusion that is product of the imagination and that anhela or pursues in spite of being very improbable his realization.

Juan David Galindo was graduated in Beautiful arts and Design for the Escola Massana. In the present he is doing the Program of Independent Studies of the MACBA. His artistic projects articulated through the performance, the video and the installation. In his exhibitions highlight, The Ass Between Tow Chairs in the Gallery Angels, a project of the Have Nefkens Foundationand and Escola Massana (Barcelona 2016), La Finestra Indiscreta  in the frame of Loop (Barcelona 2016), Estampida en l’Espai Colona (Madrid 2016), Fatídico Festivo in the Blueproject Foundation (Barcelona 2015), and Sekw in the Cyan Gallery (Barcelona 2014). He has presented performances in Money LAB#3n (Amsterdam 2016) the Estruch Theatre in Sabadell (2014). He is co-founder of the collective artistic Placa Turca with which has taken part in Bu!Happening in the Blueproject Foundation (Barcelona 2016), Triple Mortal in the Chapel (2014) Sis artistes es tanquen in the Centre Civic Sant Andreu (2013) and in Barcelona Polígon de Creació and the Plaga Festival (2013). Together with Daniela Medina form the collective SUA, with which has programmed the workshop Fini Art-*Financ€ Lab in 4Bid Gallery in Amsterdam (2016).