“Desert is a natural extension of the interior silence of the body” (Baudrillard, L’Amérique).

Inspired by Fauré Requiem, this solo performed by Manuel Roque tackles the mutation of matter through the eyes of multiple identity. Organic, inert, cosmic, telluric and spiritual, DATA express through a virtuoso physicality the troubled history of Mankind.

AND THEN THERE WAS LIFE (Text from Fabienne Cabado for FTA)

Alone on a desert island dominated by a metal totem-like boulder, a man embarks on a profound exploration of the territories of the body. His compass points to what is vibrantly alive, and even the tiniest bone or joint, the smallest particle of skin, is rich with life.
As his perusal progresses, his flesh becomes malle- able matter. He ventures back to the origins of the world and tells the story of humanity. Mythic animals spring forth from within and his body rears up, trying to maintain its balance, testing its limits.
Glimpses of the tortured and the tormented appear – a distorted face, broken wrists, the crushing weight of arms and legs.
Yet shining through his torso is a joy that radiates when the stars are in alignment and in full communion with every element of the universe. Magnificent.

DATA, show that opens the first quarter 2016 of Hiroshima, continues the commitment to new international creators and, in this case, strengthening ties with Quebec.

Choreography + Interpretation: Manuel Roque
Artistic Advisers, Mistress Rehearsal:
Ginelle Chagnon, Indiana Escach, Lucie Vigneault
Marilène Bastien
Light design:
François Marceau
Production direction:
Judith Allen
Fauré (Requiem)
Development Consultant:
Denis Bergeron (Prom-Art)
Cie Manuel Roque

Duration: 50 min

This project received support from CALQ (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec), from l’Usine C (Montréal), from Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique and from OperaEstate (Bassano Del Grappa – Italie).

Manuel Roque has been elected «Hoffnungsträger» (Bearer of Hope Yearbook 2015) by the German magazine «tanz»



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