Danza más cabra emerges from a pair of costume horns and in relationship with the world of fashion, especially with the figure of Alexander McQueen. The Horn of Plenty Dress, a title borrowed from a collection of McQueen, gives the project the concept of  horns of cornucopia. Thus, the starting point of DMC is the anti – speech as an engine to keep the mind concentrated on the move. The choreographer started by taking the most superficial thing , a fashion accessory, combining the different languages of movement as if they are another accesory.

It has been difficult to see Tania Arias’s works in recent years (…) because when Arias dances, looks at the world. Scrutinizes it with fixed eyes and a hard look. Sight made up of equal amounts of determination and fragility, of exposure and technique, of freedom and doubt. Her technique is vertical, which rejects the extravagant but letting the poetry generates a scenic tension.”
(Pablo Caruana for El País)

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