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40 min.

Cúmul, arises from the curiosity for geometric shapes, especially fractals. Those geometric objects where the basic or fragmented structure is repeated at different scales. Analyzing what, how and why of its presence in many natural structures, we arrive at a mathematical term such as the Fibonacci sequence. This is how the dancers impregnated by Mathematical Succession manage to create their own score by connecting the body, space and music within a common scenic language. How can a mathematical formula that is represented in different natural structures be expressed in motion? Do you think that a numerical sequence can become emotion and experience?

Marta Gálvez works as a dancer, dance teacher and GYROTONIC® Trainer in Barcelona. In 2018 obtains Master’s Degree in Performing Arts MUET at the Autònoma University and Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. In 2012 she graduates with the Bachelor of Dance at ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in the Netherlands. In 2010 she obtains an Erasmus scholarship and realizes part of her dance studies in Escola Superior de Dança of Lisbon ( Portugal). In 2008 she completes the dance training program of AREA School of Dance Creation- Barcelona and obtains the Block of Classical and Contemporary Education.She has also studied for two years at the Advertising and Public Relations department in ESERP University of Barcelona (2006-2008). She has worked as a freelance dancer with various choreographers such as Helena Franzén (SWE), RobertoZappalá (SCL), Simone Truong (CHE), Emilie Gallier (NLD),Willi Dorner (ESP), Gaetano Badalamenti (SCL), Julian Barnett (NLD), Ann Van Den Broek (NLD). Currently, apart from carrying out her projects, she works on dramaturgy in dance and theater companies.


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Cúmul, arises from the curiosity for geometric shapes, especially fractalse la curiositat per les formes geomètriques especialment pels fractals.

Artistic card

Concept, dramaturgy & direction: Marta Gálvez Moncasi
Choreography: Marta Gálvez & Aïda Guirro
Dancers: Arina Lannoo, Anna Serra, Clara Llobet & Marta Gálvez
Thanks to: Aïda Guirro, Elena Lalucat, Laila Tafur, Alba Barral, Joana Serra, Sebastián García, Ana Banana & Marta Fleta
Light design: Jaume Ortiz
Sound design: Koen Quintyn
Costume design: Jordi Gálvez
Photography & video: Gemma Roig
Collaborations: La Caldera, Sala Hiroshima, Sa Nau, Mostra INSITU La Visiva, Certámen DDansa (Vic), Centre Cívic Boca Nord, Centre Cívic Can Clariana, Festival Danseu