We ignore it, but the world it’s from the stones. Outside and inside, it have been observed and trapped life into it rest. Some of them, closely linked to the life of humanity, take heart shape. This may seem an inexplicable mystery, but it is not for Miss Coral and Mr. Pedro, skilled teachers in the exercise “geocardioteatralcircense”, trying to discover the soul of the stones. And even though there are men with the petrified heart, you will discover the mineral as beats in an unusual collection of petrified hearts. A cabinet of wonders and artifacts, a rare and curious cardiopoetic collection that brings together a lot of stories related to humans, to Art and Science, and coming to give us the key of the world. An exceptional time travel.

Escarlata Circus since the beginning at the Circus, travels and explores different languages,   with constant poetic note, with a particular aesthetic and particular perfumes.

Currently they explores small shows where human proximity and thought living closer.

From they professional beginnings in 1987 have created several shows, were the parents of “La Fira del Circ Trapezi >> and companions in other artistic projects large and small. They trail goes around the world.

Performers: Jordi Aspa + Bet Miralta

Elements maker: Jordi Aspa

Screenplay: Laura Tajada + Jordi Aspa

Direction: Laura Tajada

Tech tips: Jordi Salvadó

Scenography: Escarlata Circus + Carles Guardis

Photo: Gina Aspa

Production: Marcel·li Puig + Bet Miralta

Duration: 60 minutes

Thanks to: Marduix Titelles, Joan Castellsaguer, Roser Tintó, Josep Guindó, Pep Arumí, Joaquim Armengol, Pablo Noailles, Cristina Rovira, Marik Kiffer, Can Torres. To all the people who have supported us, heard and shared in the process of creation and growth

Support of:  L’Estruch – Ajuntament de Sabadell Teatre Principal d’Olot – Institut de Cultura de la Ciutat d’Olot, Théâtre de l’Agora Scマne Nationale d’Evry – Evry (FR)


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