CONSTRUCTIVO is a manifesto against the sterility of modern architecture and a critical and imaginative vision of our society and the buildings that it shelters. A performative authentic game where two construction workers (the only ones who can really build something) invite you to rethink universal issues as they seek personal responses to ethical vacuum that surrounds them. CONSTRUCTIVO is a continuum of principles, of possible beginnings. A machine to ask questions and invent new paradigms.

Collado-Van Hoestenberghe Foundation was created as an independent laboratory performing arts based on Pontós, Alt Empordà. The group plays with a critical optimism based on creativity and the search for alternative scenes. Their shows celebrate contradiction and human complexity.

Ernesto Collado (Barcelona 1974) is an actor and contemporary artist. He currently lives in a small town and from there he collaborates with the Sociedad Doctor Alonso in a center of creation known as Cèl·lula. He is director of the annual festival of site-specific MAP. His artistic relationship with the underground cabaret left him an insatiable desire to communicate. It is a contemporary story-teller.

Piero Steiner (Milano 1961) is one of those artists who have the ability to empathize with the audience immediately. It has the ability to play between drama and comedy, always laughing at himself. After several appearances on popular TV shows, performing in Catalan, Spanish, French, Finnish and Italian and working with some dance theater companies, he decided to work independently or in association with other artists. He considers himself a happy man.

Destructive action for utopian investors:
from Piero Steiner &Ernesto Collado/Fundación Collado-Van Hoestenberghe

Creation + interpretation: Luiggi Maestrini and Rafael Lanza
Dramaturgy: Ernesto Collado / Piero Steiner



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts.

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