Alongside the representation of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge in Hiroshima, the company Divergences proposes this danced conference and proposes to the audience participate in the creation process and work involved this show: from the heating, movement, writing, music and improvisation, Sylvain, Xavier and Cecile showed the mechanisms that constitute the whole structure of creation.

In addition, relacions and differences of body and sound elements between Le Petit Chaperon Rouge and Rotkäppchen, the adult version of the same story (another creation of Divergences) are explored.

In a playful way, talking, movements and sounds, will create a unique moment for the exchange and interaction.

An opportunity to meet, stammering, fumbling and sometimes even meet!
Divergences Cie


Sylvain Huc was born in 1979. After studying History and Art History at university, he discovered contemporary dance in a way both unexpected and abrupt. He completed an essay in political anthropology in Greek history on the subject of “bestiality, savagery and feminine sexuality in classical Greece” before joining the Centre for the Development of Choreography (CDC) in Toulouse in 2003.
There he followed the classes of many tutors including Louise Burnes, Martin Kilvady, Cesc Gelabert, Frey Faust, Thierry Bae, Heddy Maalem, Boris Charmatz… It is during that time that he met Marco Berretini and took part in the creation of Old Movements for New Bodies, a show created for the students of the CDC in 2004. From this point on he never stopped training, joining many workshops including those of the company Ultima Vez, Mark Tompkins, Jacky and Denis Taffanel, Lloyd Newson, Gisèle Vienne, David Zambrano and many more.
Meanwhile he also worked and collaborated with various companies and choreographers. With Divergences Company he took part in most of Richard Nadal’s pieces (Bonjour Monsieur, In2U, Aquarium, Le lac des cygnes and Frisco) between 2003 and 2009. In that same time he met Magali Milian and Romuald Luydlin (La Zampa) and in 2005 he danced in Track 3 of the Dream On project.
In 2007 he took part in the Rugby project by Coraline Lamaison and in 2012 he participated in a workshop on emotions.
He also performed for Laura Scozzi (La vie parisienne in 2010), Alexandre Fernandez (Human Fair in 2011) and Hervé Taminiaux in his upcoming project Blancanieves. Also during this time, he contributed to several projects from the collective “Le Petit Cowboy”, including Back in 2009, a film by Loran Chourrau, an artist with whom he is still collaborating today.

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