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30 min.

In residency at sala hiroshima
A coproduction by SALA HIROSHIMA and dansa metropolitana

In The Supplicants, Aeschylus presents us a choir of women fleeing the children of Egypt, who want to marry them by force. Thus they arrive at Argos in search of asylum, where Pelasgo, king of Argos, is torn between the duty of offering asylum to those who require it and a safe war with the Egyptians. Fearful of the political consequences, he decrees that it be the people who decide the fate of the supplicants. Core presents these 12 women on stage as a set of individualities united by a common condition or conflict, pleading with us, warning us, or perhaps reflecting us.

Performer, cultural manager and graduate in stage direction and dramaturgy from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, ​​Gaston Core has directed Sala Hiroshima since 2015. Chorus is the second part of the Diptych of the desert, which begins with The Very Last Northern White Rhino (premiered during the last Grec Festival) and whose defining key is working with very specific dance techniques, altering their dynamics to strip them of their recognizable forms. If The Very Last Northern White Rhino works on urban dances, Chorus is based on the Kathak dance.

Presentation of the work in progress carried out during the creation residency in Sala Hiroshima.

Dansa metropolitana

After the success of The Very Last Northern White Rhino, Gaston Core presents us a short adaptation of the street group piece Chorus, a reinterpretation of The Supplicants with the Kathak dance as the main protagonist.

Artistic card

Concept & creation: Gaston Core
Choreography: Gaston Core in collaboration with Shreyasee Nag
External advise: Nicol Yao Dapre AKA Oulouy
Performers: Shreyashee Nag, Paroma Basu, Alba Lopez, Diana Aguirre, Margaux Celdran, Karina Nathani, Cristina Jiménez, Riya Nathani, Simran Menghani, Anna Foglietta, Anita Deb, Anoushka Dasgupta.
Light design: Gaston Core
Sound design: Shreyasee Nag
Technical care: Arnau Sala
Costume design: Eva Bernal
Documentation: Alice Brazzit
A co-production by Dansa Metropolitana and Sala Hiroshima with the support of CC Barceloneta.