Cherepaka represents the death of a turtle. Composed of a shell and meat, the turtle carries the duality of the eternity in its shell and the death of its flesh that decays with time. Cherepaka also represents the tension between men and sense of eternity (an immortal shell) and the death of his animal flesh. Designed as a scenic picture, this is an intend to reconstruct the spectacular view of the acrobatic contortion in order to transform language into a substance and a scenic writing. The approach was inspired by the paintings of Francis Bacon, and the reading of “Logic of Sensation” (Deleuze).

The company Nadere, through the artistic vision of Andréane Leclerc, has the mission to create, produce and present, locally and internationally, experimental stage works characterized by a strong thought proces, printing them a distorted view of reality that surrounds us. Cherepaka was presented at the Contemporary Circus Festival Chicago in January 2014.

Concept + performance: Andréane Leclerc

Lights + sound design: Alexis Bowles
Light Assistant: Chris Rayment
Costume design: Marilène Bastien
Technical Director: Anna Sara Gendron

Duration: 55 minuts



The online ticketing closes one hour before the performance starts.

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