Chandalika Dance theatre written by Rabindranath Tagore. Chandalika is a story of a girl from the untouchable caste of India. Her life as a women and then as an untouchable women is full of rejections and ridicule. She questions her existence when one day a Budhist monk asks her for her, she refuses as a low caste girl cannot give water to a spiritual “high” class monk. A story that fights social discrimination, women´s identity and questions aspects of the universal concept of love. The dance pieces will consist of Kathak and folk dances.

Chandalika is choreographed by Shreyashee Nag. She is a Kathak dancer (a dance from the North of India) and a choreographer who is based in Barcelona but works between India, Spain and rest of the Europe. She is also associated with the contemporary dance world through her collaboration in production like We Women of Sol Pico Company.

The piece will be performed by dancers from the Barcelona Kathak Project team, a multinational group who are trained in Kathak dance. There will be pieces based on Kathak dance and folk pieces too. The music is original and is being created in india by a team of 11 musicians.

Núpura for the last 5 years has been producing work which intends to bring social awareness and bring in different communities residing in Barcelona together in showing we are united amidst our diversities. Earlier it has premiered Chindrangada against gender discrimination, Mera Desh celebrating diversity of cultures and now Chandalika which is about social discrimination and spiritual evolution. The past shows have had a record of running a full house.

This show has been selected by the Intercultural department of the townhall of Barcelona and partially sposored by them due to its authentic message against social discrimination and women empowerment.


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