Canibalismo is a container of actions. It has the function of building a landscape gradually, where bodies are recognized inside a exhibition frame. These bodies execute movements that cause physical and mental exhaustion, on a machinery that makes them scale methodically towards a inner state of abandonment.

This young Chilean choreographer associated with the venue presents his new choreographic research in two volumes or versions, for two and four performers. With his company, Camaralucida, he works  on movement as a mechanism capable of generating mental states. Lautaro engages the audience with a choreographic dialogue through simple tools such as repetition, canon and variation, building a new formal framework of exhibition.

Mise en scene and dramaturgy: Lautaro Reyes
Interpreters: Xavier Auquer, Alba Barral, Javier G. Arozena, Raquel Miro.
Light: Horne Horneman
Sound: Alejandro Sáez
Set: Horne Horneman, Alejandro Sáez
Video and photography: Marina Rodríguez, Alejandro Sáez
With the support of: Sala Hiroshima, CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Centro de Danza Canal, AC Española
In collaboration with: La Caldera

Associated artist . Piece created in residency in sala Hiroshima. Premiere.