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After several years working with the idea of scale theater, in shows and performative installations where the human body was replaced by objects, David Espinosa’s new project will address one of the resources that appeared in this process when experimenting with light and sound on the figures to generate meanings: the composition of shadows.

Through movement and choreographic actions, this time we will employ people and objects interchangeably to produce the shadows, continuing the game with the different elements of scenic creation, in a unique graphic narrative that combines various aspects of theater, dance, comic and visual arts. We will especially explore the language of the comic, a sequential art, with the intention of moving it to the stage, live, taking advantage of the many aesthetic parallels that it has with the projection of shadows, black on white, a dark reflection of actual life and culture. Shadow Street will not be a shadow show, it will be the shadow of a show.

La Faktoria
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Shadow Street will not be a shadow show, it will be the shadow of a show.

Artistic card

Idea & direction: David Espinosa, with the collaboration of Jordi Casanovas & Africa Navarro
Creation & interpretation: David Espinosa & Jordi Casanovas
Sound: David Espinosa & Santos Martinez
Co-production: David Espinosa, Sala Hiroshima & La Faktoria choreographic center

Calle sombra
Calle sombra
Calle sombra