55’ (spectacle in catalan and spanish)

Ça va is the effort to make present and factual what’s lost and latent. The effort to profit from the past and force it into a present: to make a “scene” with what left us. It’s a cycle of losses reencountered on stage. To recover the lost time is an impossible task. To retain the past (to have it twice so to enjoy it when one desires) as well. When we lose what we had, it’s then that time becomes a fetish and, simultaneously, a mark (a ruin) that remarks the inactuality of that instant of happiness. Ça va plays with the lost moment fetish: with the smoking rests of one who has leaped to the other and has found absence and loss. There is a pile, still smoking, of ruins: something that resembles a human being and appears without a carcass. And one more thing: Kokoschka, who had fallen in love with Alma Mahler but had not been corresponded, built an identical doll with the very same measures of her beloved.

In 2015, after having the necessity to find a space for the creation and investigation of the scene and its limits, we founded Ça marche. The company, which integrates creators of various disciplines, seeks to approach the scene in an irreverent way and to explore the negative spaces and fugues in theatre. Ça marche is convinced that if we are to talk of our contemporaneity, we ought to contemporaneize the scene and reflect on the critical elements of our moment: the bodies and the movement, the discourses on the individual and the community, and all the implications of the virtualization of experience and our drawing away from the real.

Direction: Nico Jongen
Dramaturgy: Oriol López
Performers: Carmen Gómez, Elena Kulisevsky, Oriol López, Agnés Jabbour and Marcel Fenocchio
Scenography: Albert Ventura
Costume design: Clàudia Torrents and Estela Miguel Baustista
Lighting design: Roger Piqué
Sound design: Dídac Mariné and Marc Fernández
Movement assistant: Joaquín Collado
Graphic design: Clàudia Torrents
Thanks to: Jordi Fondevila

Collaborators: Institut del Teatre and La inútil.



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