Can we today renew the look at the male body, the virility, masculinity? Boys Don’t Cry bypasses stereotypes and male representations exposed ad nauseam; strategy which is not free but shakes readings, creates mappings to offend intellectual resistance. The male body appears indeed as an object of desire or as a heroic model… Between the two there as a vacuum of representation and identity. Even as the “gender” is now becoming a political issue, how can we re-examine identity and sexual building? Boys don’t cry will be like a physical shelling of testosterone, its drama and its performance. Be taken as an only weapons with live martial drums and two male bodies that will experience the paradox of dance, between power and fragility. by physical exertion will explore the figures of manly today to cut to pieces and see (maybe) appear unpublished. Do boys cry?

Gameboy collates research results about masculinity conducted by 10 male students, under the guidance of Sylvain Huc. Gameboy consists of 10 men who act out aspects of their bodies –  the strengths, the weaknesses,or the ridiculous. Boys Don’t Cry bypasses stereotyped representations of the male body and questions its typification either as an object of desire or as a heroic model, to which one is exposed ad nauseam. Cie Divergences visits us for the second time after the performanceof its Extraordinary adaptation Chaperon Rouge.

Choreography: Sylvain Huc
Dance: Pierre-Michael Faure, Sylvain Huc
Assistants: Cécile Grassin, Loran Chourrau
Battery: Xavier Coriat
Stage manager and Light: Stone Masselot
Sound: Frédéric Caray
Production: Facts & Gestures
Co-production: in partnership with the National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) in Toulouse, the Ballet of the Opera National du Rhin (the Born) within the studios receptions, the city of Cournon The Auvergne- roommate of culture- Puy Festival Mômes; with support from the Cultural Center of Ramonville Saint-Agne, CDC Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées and Docks, SMAC Cahors.

The company Divergences is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées under the Aid to companies. The company also receives support from the Languedoc Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées, Department Lot and Community Cazals Salviac Commons.

“SPEDIDAM is a collection and distribution company that manages the rights of performers in the registration, distribution and reuse of recorded performances”
Thanks to the support of the Institut Français the Madrid and Barcelona




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