Like a constellation it were, the musicians who compose Berlinist have created their own circle winter on his album The Winter Hexagon, from the six stars that can be seen during the nights of the winter months in the northern hemisphere.

The Winter Hexagon is a collection of 10 neo-classical musical spheres in which converge ambient, folk, electronic and flashes of pop. Among echoes of Wim Mertens and Sigur Rós, Berlinist compositions express kinematics descriptiveness in the line of Max Richter, modernized classic with Yann Tiersen and querencia to draw soundscapes with the sensitivity of Jóhan Johansson.

Voice: Gemma Gamarra

Piano + voice: Marco Albano

Harmonium: Luigi Gervasi

Cello: Adriana Lorenzo

Drums: Josep Comas

Violín: Sabela Cascón

Viola: Roderic de Roeck

Visual Projections: Sara López and Nico di Masso

Duration: 60 minutes

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