Bonne, Belle, Douce  is a creation project that comes from reading The Maids by Jean Genet. The author wondered about the identity and social roles of that time and the piece does the same to translate that discourse around questions that have arisen during the process of creation: Who I am? Who I am in relation to the other? What are the mechanisms that allow me to be my supposed absolute identity or otherwise destroy it? The body becomes correlative of a struggle between the individual and power; between me (anyone) and I (one). An intense body work allows more that what you want to convey. The textual work transcends a physical plane, even to replace the word for the gesture (danced violently released, harmonious in form and cruel in its content). Rhythmic contrasts, fragmentation and repetition are a constant in the physical work of the interpreters.

Alejandro Curiel studied acting at the Escuela de Arte Dramatico de Valladolid, completing his training in contemporary dance and visual theater. In Barcelona he is working as an actor and stage director specializing in the Institut del Teatre, working in various productions in small format.

Director: Alejandro Curiel
Created and performed:
Alejandro Curiel & Guillem Barbosa
Assistant direction:
Álvaro Sanjuan
Space & lighting:
Alejandra Lorenzo & Patricia Albizu
Costume design:
Alejandra Lorenzo

Duration: 60 minutes

In collaboration of Institut del Teatre.


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