Playing to reveal, reveal us, un-met. A game that is created from the relationship and dialogue with the other. A separate dialogue with each of the guests. The initial proposal: Sacame de mí (Get me out of me). Released the same letter of invitation to all, with the intention of creating a foreign dance in my body. Each ping pong is different. The result is a collection of songs to share with the public at this concert. In each place visited show me wonder how this deployment.

You have to embarrass the absolute character we appear to be, be parted, get out of us, whether from afar or from outside we see better what is happening.

Ramón Gomez de la Serna

Tania Arias Winogradow begins his own work with Titania, creating duo with musician Santiago Rapallo. With  Estela Lloves creates Alicia en Grusia Project, and then a Sonntag… un día soleado

El último salto de Nijinsky, for Juan Loriente, presented at Teatro Pradillo Opening Conferences. At that time, offers gift pieces that are presented outside scenic contexts. Dancer endangered.

In 2013 the project of Infinitos part of that is this piece. Her latest project is Danza más cabra.

Concept + performance: Tania Arias Winogradow

Accompaniment during the concert: Mauri.

The perfomance is the result of a collection of dialogues with: Mauricio González, Sindo Puche, Juan Loriente, Mónica Valenciano, Carlos Marquerie, Sonia Guisado.

Support with the process: Cecilia Molano, Arantxa Martínez, Jaime Conde-Salazar.

Lighting: Carlos Marquerie

Photography: Susana Paiva, Ángel Montero

Duration: 120 minutes (aprox)

Artistic resident Project at La Casa Encendida/Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo 2014 and artostic resident project at Teatro Pradillo 2014 (Madrid)

Support of:

SUMATORIO GENERAL   CanariasCrea_2014



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