This July Moreno Bernardi directs an intensive laboratory in Barcelona, open to all and to all kind of disciplines (dance, theater, drama, music, singing, writing, sound, poetry, visual art, set design, drawing, mathematics, philosophy, architecture .. .), focused on the composition, action and research in the creative process between the arts.With the challenge of a public set in 11 working days.

It is the second edition of Moreno Bernardi Atelier and again with the collaboration of Hirohima. The Atelier  works about the differences between participants is the first challenge of MB that will give everyone some indications and a rationale as interest and individual discipline, in order that all identities expressed take forms in a common scenic geography.

The second challenge is the way of the creative process, which will scenic setting in no time. After the formation of the working group, Moreno studied an ad hoc methodology, structuring process tools and research material as the profiles of the participants. After determining the line of work, MPE and Hiroshima communicate to participants the lines to be followed when choosing the need to start the laboratory material.

Hiroshima MPE have already made the first Moreno Bernardi Atelier in July 2015, presenting to the public the piece BUCLE BLANCO.

MBA’s multifaceted personality artistic Moreno Bernardi and his active interest and continued by the composition and analysis of the formal material as well as the development of interpretive and doers of a theatrical work, skills laboratories have always been characterized by a free and conducted cooperation with stakeholders to experience and methodology Moreno, participants have been able to live with artists, musicians, writers … that simple attending the experience quickly turned into another form of intervention, thus opening the doors to dialogue between arts, disciplines, interests, and living organically over time and space with a common research, which is differentiated by the specificity of each knowledge with respect to the logic of assumption of matter and the perception of what the laboratory to discover.

Duration: From 17th to 19th, july 2016: 10h -15h and 20th to 28th, july 2016: 10h-16h

July, 29th 2016: results presentation: evening 21:00h


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