What is the mark of a dictatorship? How does silence scream within us?
“Atàvico explores, through movement, potential landscapes of violence as a force that makes us victims and perpetrators at the same time “ explains its creator, the Braziliane choreographer Poliana Lima.
Without wishing to create a narrative, the piece looks more like a poetry that is capable of generating a stage experience, experience that connected sensations with violence and its impact on the body.
In the project’s commitment to the “everyday” bodies outside the standard patterns, with the desire to share the beauty of movement and gesture beyond the canons and dance virtuosity beyond becomes indispensable.
The piece has the support of artists from Costa Rica, France, Brazil and Spain and has been awarded the 1st Prize in the XVIII Choreographic Contest of Madrid

Poliana Lima (Brazil, 1983) she’s graduate in Sociology and Master in Performing Arts. As dancer was  part of difference companies of Cuba, New York and Brussels. In Madrid collaborates with Camille Hanson and Espacio Bambúdanza and participating in the Project Rhizome Sharon Fridman. Was selected in 2013 as one of the artists representing Spain in the European Performing Gender Project. Among her creations have been awarded Mujer-¬-Experiment # 1 Palo en la Rueda, Es Como Ver Nubes and Atávico: first prize in the XVIII Choreographic Contest of Madrid, and the prize of the public, prize of Critical Scholarship Dance Web in 2015 and residence in Tanzahaus, Zurich.

This project is part of Proyecto Circula in collaboration with Associació de Professionals de Catalunya.


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Conception, Choreography and direction: Poliana Lima

Performers: Aitor Galan, Poliana Lima, Lucia Marote, María Pallares

Music: Vidal

Lighting: Pablo R. Seoane

Costumes and props: Poliana Lima Cia

Production: Carmen Fernandez

Distribution:Rotary Performing Arts

Support Dance Web 2015 for Poliana Lima and artistic residence at Tanzhaus (Zurich).



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