A father and his son meet to create a show, to discover what will be born out of their relationship. Through the performance, their identities are confronted, mirrored in their physical appearance and mannerisms, but different in their age, their experience and their inner passions.

Together, the father and his son build a “meeting space” inside a common body, as fictional as the characters they create through each transformation, but as real as the lines in their faces. It is a “meeting space” as deeply intimate, as it is alien to both father and son.

David Batignani (Florence, 1976) is a playwright, actor and theater director. He and Natascia Curci wrote Caravankermesse, play for an audience of 10, which took place inside a caravan. The show was performed in many national festivals, and in 2010 it was a finalist in the first edition of the Vertigine Festival in Rome. He has worked in several performances with the group Svarnet, with works that have been selected for the production call Dimora Fragile, within the 2007 Festival Esterni, and for the project Extra, an artistic observatory for Italian artists under 35. Since 2004 he has worked as actor and technician with Piccoli Principi, a leading company from Toscana that has transformed the history of children’s theater, both in Italy and abroad. His last production, Tueri me, 2013, is the result of his work with Simone Faloppa, in a joint effort to investigate the world of Residences for Entertainment Artists.

As for his father, Mario Batignani (Pelago, 1949), this is his first experience in the world of theater.

Direction and Interpretation: David and Mario Batignani
Artistic Support:
VéroniqueNah, Alessandro Libertini.
Talita Carmignani, Camilla Garofano.
Dario Lasagni.
Tango Teacher:
Francesca Tinti.
Audio Editing:
Luca Libertini.
David and Mario Batignani.
Kilowatt Festival, Festival Visioni, Teatro Comunale di CastiglionFiorentino
with the support of CompagniaPiccoliPrincipi.

Duration: 55 minutes



Online sale will be available until one hour before the show.

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