Appearance is a new performance of the cycle of the Nude Studie Menu.

Maarten van der Put started his Nude Studie Menu in 2010, now consisting of 15 separte performances, all initime documents about the body and about both the vulnerability and the power of the performer. In the series nudity is been taken as a starting point, Nakedness, literally or in being.

The performances stand on themselves,or could be performed in a series, a menu, we compose together with the director/programmer for the specific location,the festival or the theater.

Appearance is all about the body and the light. In a refined composition, three dancers admit just enough light to either reveal themsleves or close again and leave us in a pleasant state of confusion and excitment.

The dancers are situated on high platforms on the border of a circle,the audience is allowed to watch the performance from inside the circle, close by.

 A slight darkness, caused by the blocking of some light, – the dark parts of a picture something that screens or shelters from light or heat: “a large sunshade”. A variety of a colour; a slight difference; a slight amount; To shelter from light or heat. To make darker. To change very gradually from one colour to another.

Concept +  direction: Maarten van der Put
Created with:
Sam Scheuermann
Florencia Martina, Anni Kaila, Sam Scheuermann
Duration: 120 minutes aprox (you can get in and out from the performance at any point)



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