Animatic is an eclectic project that incorporates elements of minimal, electronic, classical, pop and jazz music with the use of processed piano, electronics, drums and occasionally string quartet and voice.

We can rarely see musicians like Mark Aanderud, with his eclectic and versatile career and such a musical variety as a pianist, composer and producer Mark Aanderud is one of the most trusted name in Mexico; he has lived in New York, Washington, Mexico, Prague, Barcelona…He has played and produced with The Mars Volta, Natalia Lafourcade, Mole, Tim Berne, David Gilmore, Ximena Sariñana, Armand Sabal-lecco and other musicians. Mark is one of the most requested professional pianists in Brasil and Africa. His most recent work turns into the neo-classical and electro-popo with his project Animatic, with his album debut in 2017. Mark dedicates part of his time to contemporary composition and sound track composition.

Animatic is an audiovisual production based in the original compositions of the pianist, composer and producer Mark Aanderud. His work is based in the piano as main element complemented by the use of electronic beats, voice and drums an also Xarlene’s visual work. He has been linked to Nils Frahm, Tycho, Hauschka, Sufjan Stevens and Olafur Arnalds concerning his european jazz avant-garde elements, his work is extremely authentic and personal.

Mexican pianist, composer and producer Mark Aanderud, is well known for his work on avant-garde music, as well as the many recordings and tours with The Mars Volta, Ximena Sariñana, Natalia Lafourcade, Omar Rodriguez Lopez and many more rock and pop artists. He is also one of the most demanded pianists in Mexico, New York and Europe in contemporary Jazz, and Brazilian, Cuban and African music. But his growing interest in electronic music and the piano sound led him to experiment with minimalism and electronic pop, mixed with classical music elements. Animatic is an audiovisual show based on the piano as the main instrument, complemented by the visual work of Catalan artist Xarlene. He has been related with Nils Frahm’s work, Tycho’s, Hauschka’s, Sufjan Stevens’, and Olafur Arnalds’ too, since it is a very personal work.



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