Let you take and join us to a journey where reality and fiction, audience and actors, authors and characters are blurred to celebrate the wonderful theatricality of everyday life and the power of imagination.

10th and 11th April
Shows at 16: 30h, 18: 00h and 19: 30h

Ticket price: 10€.
Capacity limited.
The coordinates of the starting point will be sent to you by email once you have the ticket.

A site-specific project in collaboration with Alina Stockinger Josep Cosials, Daniela Poch, Ana Redi-Milatovic, Sergi Estebanell and Jakob Rüdisser (music and sound). Contributing Artists in other versions: Lilli Mendel, Kospach Mona Lisa Peer, Siruan Darbandi, Lilli Angermeier, Katrina Günther (graphic design).


To book your tickets you can send an email with the date/time of your choice: mail@zwischendentassen.at. You can also contact us here: 646 450 512.