“Now everything is achieved with money. Everything except love and something else but not me happens. You can kill paying. Fuck paying. But you can not pay anyone to love you. At least not in a real way. The other can pretend that you love for a good sum, but both know that what happens between you is not real. every time you make a caress you’re thinking in euros that you are costing your fingers rub against your right cheek or your left forearm. The gesture is carried out, but its content is not effective the way in which the applicant wishes or needs to be done. Instead, yes you can write a check to someone to shoot him bastard who can not stand. End the life of someone, if you put your mind, it is relatively simple. The plot thickens when you want to share that life of which I speak. What happens when instead of finish you want to start? “

Buena Bella Dulce is a set of individuals who are related and sometimes enter into dialogue about theater. Sometimes just they are talking about what they watch, what they see and what they care about. Then they try to convert all that into moving images. In a constant learning process, they try to feed on anything they consider interesting for their development as future artists: dance, theater, painting, sculpture, literature, philosophy, film, TV, wc, lsd, mdma, etc. They conceive creation as a unifying experience process, in which the pre-assigned roles do not charge too much work leaving about infecting the other.
Alejandro Curiel studied acting at the School of Dramatic Arts in Valladolid, completing his training in contemporary dance and visual theater. Barcelona works as an actor and specializes in stage direction at the Theatre Institute, working in various productions of small format. In 2015 he began working on their first project, Buena Bella Dulce, which premmiered in December at Hiroshima.

Concept & direction: Alejandro Curiel

Creation &  interpretation: Guillem Barbosa & Alejandro Curiel

Piano & voice: Laura Maure & Matilde Campano Pando

Lighting design, space and costumes: Patricia Albizu i Alejandra Lorenzo

Direction assitent: Álvaro Sanjuán

Pics by: Oscar Chocano

A production of: Institut del Teatre

Duration: 70 minutes



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