Two actors / homo-ludens overwhelmed by the dramatic literature and history of the performing arts, invaded by voices of all times, locked in the loop of a trivial scene without resolution. In this effort actor and dramaturgical ingenuity, where the difficulty seems an end in itself, trying not to fall into parody, respecting the rules of each premise, style, genre or author.

Apparently inconsequential game played in all seriousness, rhetoric, mannerist and extravagant hobby, not without humor, which also has an educational component, exhibiting their schemes and purposes. a game of something that does not become scenic piece, but draft, draft, draft, theater making to the viewer, inviting him to redo or complete, to recognize and guess, without climax or suspense, rejecting the invisibility of expressive support.

This “mise en abisme” or clever game obstacle overcoming an intricate, labyrinthine inventory of coercions previously imposed, intended as also 66 small and sincere tributes to drama.

Creators + Acts: Raúl Marcos / Jesús Barranco

Sound design +lighting: Óscar G. Villegas

Collaboration of: Ainhoa Vilar, Daniel Moreno, Andrea Díaz, Pablo Gómez Pando, Dani Llull, Fabio Mangolini, Ricardo Santana, Patricia Ruz, Adriana Reyes and Santiago Ortiz

Duration: 90 minutes


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