The Loop Festival in Barcelona hosts at the Sala Hiroshima the premiere of the new piece of Expanded Cinema by Luis Macías and Adriana Vila, in collaboration with experimental musician Alfredo Costa Monteiro. After 3 years of international tours, working together on the piece 3QUIN0X, this trio meets again for the creation of a new perceptive, sound and film experience.

A film performance by Luis Macías and Adriana Vila, with electro-acoustic sound by Alfredo Costa Monteiro. A display of analog projection devices with 35mm slides, 16mm film shot and later manipulated with photochemical processes, optical printing and handmade processing combined with field recordings and electro-acoustic devices in a single performance of visual and sound experimentation. An exorbitant perceptual experience, hypnotic, violent and subtle.

“The storm exhales through us and the bare branches, each and every one, so that we can borrow its pure and permanent virtue. We wonder if the cities have heard the simplicity of its story, despite its loneliness. However, they have not been purged in the flow of the night stream. Now they crawl away. Perishable, late and far the earth does not argue. It has no arguments. In discord, hopefully, we discover the news of its streets and avenues, as refugees in the trap vacuum. The day drips in the south of this single roof, reveals a human presence at the edge of the door. For now, they say, the storm has passed. But we do not believe it. ”


Adriana Vila: 2 Modificated Projectors 16mm.

Luis Macias: 2 slide projectors  + variable shutter.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro:  Electroacústic sound

Duration: 45 minutes

Atelier MTK / Maison Gaelle Rouard (Grenoble) and produced in Crater-Lab (Barcelona)



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