In Flying Pigs joins a team mixed between singers-actors, dancers and musicians to create a stage that takes us to place where folklore, the popular and sense cathartic and mystic that entails, traveling between tradition and contemporary age.

Eulàlia Bergadà Serra is from Mallorca and is living in Barcelona for thirteen years. Graduated in classical and contemporary dance, post-graduated for IT Dansa, Graduated in choreography of CSD (Superior Carrera of Dance) in Institut del Teatre (Barcelona). For three years Eulàlia begins to direct his own pieces for the purpose of develop a personal choreographic language and stage. Through the abstraction of dance, theater and music, and references from the collective imaginary, dreamlike universes seeks to create sensations and emotions that emanate from the public to dive into the world of perceptions that we all share throughout our life experiences.

Eulàlia Bergadà is a dancer and performer, choreographer and movement assistant director in theater and teaching centers. Today has won the “Premi Coreogràfic Institut del Teatre” equipped with a production for Grec Festival 2016 premiere on the next play Gold Dust Rush. Also worked as a dancer on creations such as El Canto de los caballos of Lipi Hernández (Salmon Festival, Mercat de les Flors), Half Past Four Under The Chandelier (Module Project -Mercat de les Flors) Je suis l’autre Mizar Martinez; Tristeego and Llena de Flores tu boca Miryam Mariblanca; Taiko (Ion Garnika -William Forsythe-). In the field of theater has worked with directors like Xavi Martínez (TNC, Teatre Lliure and others), Pablo Rosal, among others. He has directed the play Benaventurats, winning 2nd prize awards Bòtil 2010 in Mallorca, Flying Pigs (2015) Le Sacre 4×4 (Cia Morlanda, 2013), “La Cochonnerie (escorxant creacions)” (2013), and others.

Direction + Choreography: Eulàlia Bergadà Serra

Cast: Eulàlia Bergadà, Ferran Echegaray, Marina Fullana, Carlos Gallardo, Anna Hierro, Marc Naya, Aloma Ruiz

Musical Composition: Aloma Ruiz, Javier Cárcel, Ferran Echegaray, Carlos Gallardo, Eulàlia Bergadà

Dramaturgy: Tanya Beyeler

Scenography + costumes: Joana Martí

Lighting: Ganecha Gil

Photo: Carlos Martorell

Duration: 45 minutes

Pigs Flying was released in April 2015 Graner (artistic center), Convent del Ángels (MACBA) and the Institut del Teatre de Vic. Under the direction of Eulàlia Bergadà Serra.



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