3 ¼ is the name given to this selection of short proposals whose intent is to present three new choreographers that use very different scenic languages and tools.

Framed within a week of dance in Hiroshima creators have been chosen are Physical Momentum Project, Antonella Sampieri and Lali Ayguadé.

Postskryptum are only experiences of farewells.A look, a kiss, a gesture, an error, a dream, a fear, a joy – small things that mean more than what we believe and have ever thought. Things that possibly made us more human. Experiences that help us to strip costumes and routines. Postskriptum is just to say goodbye…

Physical Momentum Project – Scenic Action is the scenic platform for Francisco Córdova ́Azuela’s artistic identityés (he has been recognized as one of the seven best new emergent creators of Mexico in 2012). In 2015 the company celebrates seven years of stage work exposing their work in international forums, meetings and festivals of theater and dance in countries like Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, USA, Ecuador, Italy, France and Ireland. It has been the recipient of various props fellowships and residencies in Europe and Latinoamerica.

Kokoro (a Japanese concept that used to be called the heart but understood as the precise mix of heart and mind, where there resides wisdom) is a solo danse piece that’s a woman with her eyes fixed on the outside reflects a personality that is confused and becomes their identity.The journey begins when she emerges from the fog of unknowing, a path made with two hands, where the vicissitudes of her life lead to a single output: face and discovered herself to come out of the way of survival and enter the path of life.

Antonella Sampieri, begins her education in Argentina through its Fellowship Julio Bocca, the most important foundation of the country. She works with some of the leading choreographer in South America all the way to Spain where she continues her dance career with Plan B, Galician Choreographic Centre, Transit Dansa, Lamajara and Elephant in the Black Box.

De camino al otro is the piece that will presents Lali Ayguadé & Julian Sicard. It’s a physical commitment with the same address that traces the trajectory of two bodies in space. Mingle, feel its weight, help and fall with tenderness and violence. Walk with rhythm and going to somewhere trying to understand to continue the journey!

This duet was born from an artistic encounter in the company Baro D’ Evel. It’ s the first time that Lali Ayguade and Julian Sicard work together and the initiative was to investigate a common language between dance and acrobacy


Original Idea & Creation: Francisco Córdova Azuela

Performers: Kiko López / Héctor Plaza

Duration: 15 minuts aprox

The performance has received numerous awards and residencies as 2nd Prize and Audience Award for Choreography Contest 2015 Sabadell (Barcelona) and the Dance Conservatory Award “Mary Avila” Madrid 2014, among others.


Choreography & acts: Antonella Sampieri

Music: Pau Roberts

Lights design: Guido Sarli

Dution: 15 minuts

Performance recibed award Production of Villarreal Dance Festival.

With the support of: Civic Center Barceloneta, Centre Bobila, Sanau, Lamajara.

De camino al otro

Creation: Lali Ayguadé & Julian Sicard

Performers: Lali Ayguadé & Julian Sicard

Duration: 20 minuts






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