Nixie (deep inside) is a contemporary dance work, one dancer interacts with other characters from sound and video.
Nixie: a woman? A goddess? a mermaid? the representation of the feminine shade. With it plunges us into a trip into the ocean searching the key particle of the soul. We will face the nostalgia of forgetting to follow the passage of time, leaving behind past forms, but never own essence. Through dance, image and sound we want to transport the viewer on a journey of energy, a burst of light from the darkness of the underground party. Metaphors and allegories that descend to the depths of the psyche to plunge into chaos, laugh and get rid of the darkness we all share and are a great source of creativity and catharsis.

Eulàlia Bergadà 2015 founded his own company under his own name to perform different jobs. This is not a closed company, but its performers and collaborators will be chosen according to the needs of the project. A very important element that characterizes his works of dance, is the joint creation with live music, and since for three years, he has created a duo with Aloma Ruiz, violinist.
Eulàlia begins in the world of choreography as a result of his training as a dancer and performer. As a choreographer and because of the platform wants to develop its scenic language, where one of the constants is the idea that the performer is a channel of expression between the choreographer and the audience, which requires involvement and creative processing capacity independent level. Therefore, in parallel to the work of dancer, always has been experiencing its personal universe through the body and dance and she started to present large pieces after she was studying at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.
She is resident in Barcelona for thirteen years and graduated in classical and contemporary dance, post-graduate to the cia IT Dansa, Choreography graduate of CSD (Superior Carrer of Dance) at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona for three years began to direct their own pieces for the purpose of choreographic language and develop a personal stage. He choreographed his own pieces as Verba Volant… Ballet Jove Mallorca in co-production with the Teatre Principal de Palma (2013), Le Sacre 4 × 4 co-creation with Sabina Perez and Elena Lalucat with musicians from the Conservatory of Music of Terrassa in commemoration of the centenary of the original (2013). Together with violinist Aloma Ruiz, Eulàlia creates a lab music and dance with the piece La Cochonnerie (escorxant creacions) which opens in SoloAra La Pedrera in Barcelona (2013), it is from here that Eulàlia begins to develop own language between sound and body of dance, resulting in three pieces, Flying Pigs premiered at large and the Angels Convent of the MACBA (Barcelona 2015) and the Institut del Teatre de Vic; The Sinners (2016) and Gold Dust Rush who wins the “Premi Institut del Teatre” in 2016 with production at the Festival Grec (Barcelona). He also directed the play Benaventurats Second Prize in Premis Bòtil, Mallorca (2010). Currently she is in creation and presentation of the work Nixie (deep inside) in the program INEXCHANGE (Tilburg, Holland) as representative of the Sala Hiroshima of Barcelona.

Direction & choreography: Eulàlia bergadà
Interpretation: Eulàlia Bergadà
Music composition & Performance: Ferran Echegaray, Carlos Gallardo, Marc Naya
Text: Ferran Echegaray
Mapping: Pau Tarongí
Lighting: Rafel Febrer
Picture: Edu Pérez
Production : Anna Bohigas

Representative project in Tilburg (Netherlands) from the Hiroshima Hall in the INEXCHANGE program.

Residence in: Hiroshima Hall, Teatros del Canal (Madrid), Auditori Sa Màniga (Mallorca), La Blanca (Barcelona)

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