FANDANGO JAROCHO– PLAÇA DE LES TRES XIMENEIES  – Fiesta / Música / Danza / Street food –

En col·laboració amb Associació de comerciants del Poble Sec

Fandango is one of the liveliest most traditional party of southern Veracruz, Mexico. It is a meeting which joined the dance, food, music and verses of Son Jarocho. This is not a concert with a closed program is an encounter that erases the boundaries between public and artist, an open space to improvisation that somehow shows how traditional cultures can operate in “open source”.

In Barcelona has been adding a Mexican community around this kind of music and celebration and on this special occasion, when there will be a musical base of marimba, jaranas, violin, tap dancing and voices and the possibility for musicians of other traditions who want will join from the encounter between the Latin American music.