With more than 600 shows behind them, this is one of those tiny big essential pieces. It is a review of the XX century in Spain through a collection of photos and objects that help us condense the collective imagination, putting it on the table and observing it from a common perspective. Xavier Bobés is an artisan who knows how to build a universe as dark as luminous, with which it is imposible not to feel identified.


Creation/Direction/Interpretation: Xavier Bobés
Costume: Antonio Rodríguez
Production: Xavier Bobés Y El Festival TNT–Terrassa Noves Tendencias
Collaboration: L’Animal un L’esquena
Thanks: Bombones yo Bombones Ecológicas Gluki Y un la Rellotgeria Delaware Girona Javier Bobés Es Artista Residente Delaware L’Animal un L’esquena


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